Tree Care

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While the best deterrent to disease and insect is a healthy tree, there might be a simple fix to the issues or concerns that you have with your trees. I can evaluate or work with your own arborist to determine what or if any treatments are needed to protect you trees from disease and insects.

  • Sudden Oak Death Preventive Treatments
  • Oakworm Treatments
  • Beetle Control - Ambrosia, Red Terpentine & Ips Engraver Beetles
  • Disease Control - Powdery Mildewp Blights and Anthracnose
  • Bronze Birch Borer Treatments
  • Fruit Reduction - Olive & Plum
  • Aphid, Scale & Thrip Control
  • Trunk Injections
  • Deep Root Feeding

Licensed & Insured - Established in 1987